Why did we decide to reopen? And why is an inkFlap Notebook Special?

inkFlap inkFlap Notebooks Journals Notebooks Reopen after Covid

Deeply impacted by the COVID situation it was very difficult for a bootstrapped startup like us to sustain! But we were amazed to see how people started missing us! Our customers started tagging us with their creative lockdown artworks done on our journals and others sending us DMs on insta asking for the notebooks! And believe us it was this love which helped us gather courage one more time to come back and rise up! 

We are so humbled to see how our customers love our products. Don't believe us? Check out the product reviews on our website! And if you think these are fake, just do a random search on Google or even better to read what Amazon or Flipkart buyers have to say about us?

An inkFlap notebook or journal is special for a lot of reasons. Who cares about the fountain pen friendly paper, strong built, thick 250 gms heavy journal? No one! Right? Well some stationery lovers do! The ones who think of preserving their special diaries, journals or notebooks forever! Let us share an example of a great doodle artist on instagram. She draws, paints and sketches in our pocket journals! Water color painting on a notebook sheet seems farfetched but it's real! Just instagram "inkflap" to see for yourself. Then we have a customer who writes one page each day in one of our notebooks! Another inkFlap lover uses it only for sketching! We're so moved by their passion that we're ready to reopen the store, even if there are just these 3 customers ordering from our store! We cannot thank them enough to inspire and motivate us! 

Well we're back and thanks to all of you who made it possible! :) And as we always say "There's more to Print!" 

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